Redesigning our lives

This article is in line with my thesis work, and it seems fitting to share as people start in on their new year's resolutions:

The exercise described in the article prompts individuals to document their impression of the current state of their lives. Such reflection can lead to a redesign goal, such as, "My life is dominated by work. I should shift my focus to include more personal growth." It seems like a good first step to identify priorities and visualize goals. In doing so, people may realize they want to spend more time on things that are truly important to them, like skill-building, and less time on other things, like commuting. 

I think the reflective activity would have even more value with the addition of supporting data. For example, many people underestimate much time they spend on daily activities such as Facebook, TV, and e-mail. Tracking their time for a week and then reflecting on a breakdown of their actual activity, not what they thought they did, would increase their chances of identifying significant design opportunities. 

Once they identify these opportunities, what kinds of tools can they use as individuals to address them in a systematic fashion? What role should technology play in these efforts? These are the questions that will occupy my mind and influence my work in 2011.