The Strip District, Pittsburgh

Today I visited Pittsburgh's Strip District to see the new Pittsburgh Public Market as well as visit some of my old favorite spots. In the course of my wanderings, I found an array of fragrant teas, flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, European pastries, crab cake samplers and panini, fresh herbs, some scary-looking organic apples that the fruit vendor sliced open for us to prove they were only cosmetically challenged due to a harmless-to-humans fungus, weird-looking dog treats, Indian spices, Middle Eastern fabrics and sandals, fudge, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, coffee, masquerade masks, fragrant handmade soaps, pecan rolls, ridiculously huge cookies, alligator tail meat, frozen frog legs, singing animatronic pigs, mosaic frogs and turtles, iridescent butterflies, polished rocks, geodes, painted fish hooks, frog sculpture, painted tiles, eyeglass holders in the shape of noses, miniature suits of armor, and heirloom tomatoes. Special thanks to Jeff from Mott Family Farm for telling me so much about tomatoes and garlic and for clueing me in to Farmers Market at Phipps on Wednesdays, June through October!