Thoughts on the iPhone

Apple must have really ramped up its subliminal marketing campaign. From what I gather, the iPhone...

  • is too big to be a conveniently pocket-sized phone
  • has a large display that looks both scratchable and breakable
  • requires you to press your face against the screen to talk on it
  • costs a lot
  • is tied to a 2-year service plan with only one provider that is neither known for good customer service nor good wireless coverage
  • makes you a very attractive target to muggers

And I still want one. I am reminding myself of all the above points repeatedly, and I find myself trying to come up with reasons why none of these things matter as much as my owning a shiny, new iPhone. I think, at the very least, I will wait until they come out with the next model(s). I might even go for a model with reduced functionality at a lower price point, say the iPhone Shuffle. It wouldn't have a display, just a big button in the middle that, when pressed, calls a random person in the address book. Let me know if you have any impressions of Apple's latest toy.